We get you, trust us.

We have more in common than you might think. With over four decades of combined experience in the agency world, we know the industry and model like the back of our hand.

In fact, we know that finding technical experts who also take the time to understand your goals and your clients’ goals is as easy as finding a needle in a Haystack (HA! See what we did there?). At Haystack, we know how to fill those gaps because we’ve been in the same position as you.

With all that experience, the most important thing for you and your team to know is that we stay in our lane. We are not designers or paid media specialists. Your clients are YOUR clients, and we want to help you continue to win with them.

It’s who we are.

We are well versed in the process of dealing with the complexities of projects, especially budgets, timelines and inevitable setbacks when it comes to working with clients. And just like you, we are experts when it comes to the following…


Saying that we ‘work hard and play hard’ just sounds like everyone else. However, we give it everything we’ve got so we can enjoy each other’s company and take time for ourselves. Trust us when we say you will get along great with us (in a client brainstorm or over beers).


We are planners by nature, but we understand that things can change in a moments notice. We are flexible and can adapt to almost any situation, ensuring as little interruption as possible to the project and client relationship.


Just because we may be building a singular product for you or your client doesn’t mean that we aren’t constantly looking at the bigger picture. If we see room for improvement, we work collaboratively with you to develop an approach that best suits your client’s needs.

Can We Help You? Absolutely.

We understand your pain points and challenges.

You are not winning full-service projects because of a lack of technical expertise.

You are going over budget with your existing team, or have them benched due to lack of work.

You are working with offshore resources that may be inexpensive, but are unreliable and difficult to collaborate with.

You are running into issues with the optics of working with a development team that is out-of-house.

Our Process:
simple, repeatable, effective.

While our process may be simple, it’s different than your typical run-of-the-mill dev shop. We eliminate redundant tiers of AM’s and PM’s who are responsible for disseminating info to the dev team. Instead, we rely on our Consultants to provide you with clear answers to your most technical questions.

This structure serves as a benchmark for how we operate. It allows us to excel within our four core steps, while also being flexible to adopt your own processes.

Discovery & Strategy

Every project begins with an in-depth discovery in order to understand your clients users. We dive into their tendencies as well as pain points in order to uncover areas of opportunity. Then, we design a process around tangible goals: what are the business objectives, what are the risks, and how can we measure success?

Build the MVP

Rather than marching in circles hoping for perfection, we establish a concrete concept that can be tested and built upon. We transform user flows into wireframes, ideas into design. With continual input from stakeholders, we build technology and integrate solutions. The Minimum Viable Product ensures alignment and mitigates rework.

Evolve and Stabilize

Once we have a baseline in place, we add features and test them in real time. We iterate the solution with real-world inputs, creating smart improvements that lead to long-term stability and enhanced results. This allows us to plan for any additional requirements that may have come up when launching the MVP.

Continually Improve

Our team commits to getting solutions right the first time, but we never settle for good enough. We keep learning, keep testing our assumptions, and keep improving your solution so it never grows stale, gets old, or stops meeting your needs. Once a product is launched, we plan periodic checkin-ins to ensure proper functionality and identify opportunities for improvement.

Tailored to You.

We don’t approach every relationship with a cookie cutter like most other dev shops. In fact, we do the opposite. We listen to your needs and work with you to find the best fit. The best part? We do this all transparently with you so there are no surprises and, more importantly, no secret motives.


Many of our relationships start here. If you have a dev project on your plate that you lack the capacity, capability, or desire to deliver, Haystack can help. We’ve jumped in pre-sale, post-design, or even post-dev to clean up the mess of a previous vendor. We work with marketing agencies trying to win larger, more comprehensive projects without growing a dev team or managing freelancers. We work with other dev shops who are narrowing technology focus or moving upstream.


We’ll put  our skin in the game. We join you in the sales process and help pitch our combined services. We’ll meet the client, whiteboard solutions, and stay up writing RFP’s with you. Utilize our team, our portfolio, and our reputation to build a power coupling to win the work. And we’ll hit the ground running at project kickoff since we helped scope the solution. The best part is we get so comfortable selling with our Channel partners that it makes it easy to bring them into deals that we bring to the table.


In this, our most comprehensive partnership model, our team is your team. One of our Solutions Consultants is on-call when you need them and on-site every week (when possible). Through them, you have daily access to our Subject Matter Experts and Technologists. We’re there for Account Reviews, Client Pitches, Goal Setting and Holiday Parties. Our prime directive is to help you get more work by extending your team’s capabilities. We work hand-in-hand with your existing dev team, or we can become your standalone development arm.


Are you ready?

Have a project you could use help with? Let’s grab coffee and discuss.

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